Sportjudo is a nationally known judo club located in North Springfield, Virginia. Our focus is on sport judo–big throws, submission techniques, and pins. We regularly compete in local, regional and national tournaments. A number of our members have won national trophies. A few of our members have competed in international tournaments.

Judo is a formidable (and fun) style of self-defense and sport for students from six to sixty. We welcome newcomers! We’ve got classes for all ages and skill levels. Competition is encouraged, but not required. Nobody is too weak or too out of shape to join. We provide beginners with training in the basics and progress students at a pace comfortable to them. As skill and endurance improve students are phased into advanced drills and live judo grappling. We recognize that different ages and different body types adjust at a different pace and work with each student to maximize their potential and ensure safety.


Links to Nage No Kata Videos

Below is a series of videos for learning the Nage No Kata. A few aspects of some of the throws have changed since these videos were made. Regardless, the series is very helpful in learning the techniques. Te Waza Koshi Waza Ashi Waza Mae Sutemi Waza Yoko Sutemi Waza Complete Nage No Kata Bowing salute […]

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Upcoming Tournaments

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SportJudo Kids take 10 Medals at Junior Olympics

Eight SportJudo players brought home ten medals from the Junior Olympics Nationals and International tournaments held in Dallas Texas from July 24-26. Everyone fought hard and we are very proud of them. Congratulations to: Timo Gobec, Lea Gobec: Silver +78kg, Jelena Veskov: Gold -70kg, Issac Hegg: Bronze -28kg, Abigail Hegg: Bronze -30kg, Eveleen Diep: Silver […]

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